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Does Television Affect Social Interaction Essay - 1043 Words

A major research concern for behavioral psychologists and sociologists today circles an integral part of the American family routine and life. Something that has become so inset into homes that it would be rare to find one without it. Research has shown a hidden danger lurking in our homes, and the origin may surprise you. Television has been around since the early 1950’s but behaviorists have just recently begun to start studying the effects these machines may have on children, social interaction and families. Research has begun to show negative consequences of television on children’s development and socialization proving that it does reduce and affect social interaction. Television, the dancing pixels behind a glass screen that have†¦show more content†¦This takes away important socialization time for children and young adults by eating into their free time that could be used for socialization and interactions between peers, family, or social groups/clubs. Television also interferes with the natural socialization process of child development. It has become such a staple in homes that many parents or babysitters will just place a child in front of the television to keep them quiet and entertained. This can affect the normal socialization process in which children require interaction, physical and verbal, with friends, peers and parents (Boyse 2010). Abnormal interaction or lack thereof can create physical and mental difficulties in a child with slower learning rates/learning disabilities and health problems being the most prevalent consequences (Tischler 2007). Television doesn’t just affect children, it also affects teenagers and young adults, but more so their self-identity and self-esteem than physical development. Television sends messages to these immature self-identities and shapes them according to popular cultures beliefs and values, modifying healthy and realistic self-identities to unrealistic standards of beauty and popularity. This effect is found more with females than with men; but men are more likely to have their standards modified through music videos than television (Ward 2002).Show MoreRelatedImpact Of Technology On Children s Development Negatively1667 Words   |  7 Pagespossible, where intelligence levels exceed the human intelligence today: the human brain is meant to learn from interactions and experiences, but technology is advancing and is now targeting young children and somehow is trying to create human robots. A time where people have the knowledge of a computer may be a dream to many people, but variou s studies show how screen media and technology can affect children’s development negatively. Young children are becoming less efficient due to the continuous developmentRead MoreThe Importance Of Social Media996 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Social media is a term used to describe the type of media that is based on conversation and interaction between people online. Social media are media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.† - Wikipedia For almost two decades, the web has changed the world and revolutionized how information is stored, published, searched and consumed. The ripple effect has spread so wide that it impacts not just businesses and industriesRead MoreThe Effects Of Television On Children And Adolescents1446 Words   |  6 PagesToday, nearly 98% of American households have televisions. This makes television the single most important source of media in the lives of children and adolescents. Research shows that about 21- 23 hours per week on average, that children between the ages of five and twelve are exposed. This brings much controversy as to how television delivers the news, media, and violence to young children and adolescents. Many argue that the viewing of television during these crucial years of development can beRead MoreThe Effects Of Television On Children And Adolescents1446 Words   |  6 PagesToday, nearly 98% of American households have televisions. This makes television the single most important source of media in the lives of children and adolescents. Research shows that about 21- 23 hours per week on average, that children between the ages of five and twelve are exposed. This brings much controversy as to how television delivers the news, media, and violence to young children and adolescents. Many argue that the viewing of television during these crucial years of development can beRead MoreThe Effects Of Television On Children And Adolescents1449 Words   |  6 Pages Today nearly 98% of American households have televisions. This makes television the single most important source of media in the lives of children and adolescents. Research shows that about 21- 23 hours per week on average, that children between the ages of five and twelve are exposed. This brings much controversy as to how television delivers the news, media, and violence to young children and adolescents. Many argue that the viewing of television during these crucial years of development can beRead MoreTelevision Is Bad For Children744 Words   |  3 Pagesinternet, computer games, and mobile phones. Today, it is not just teenagers and adults who get hooked on television, but also children. Children all over the usual world watch television. There tend to be several articles and studies done showing how television is bad for children. For instance, in an article by Vlad (2006), it states that those children who spend more time watching television tend to spend less time interacting with their families and also playing creatively. Another argument isRead MoreThe Business Rivalry Of The Cinema Industry921 Words   |  4 Pagesfactors in the market. Therefore, in this analysis, the PEST tool of market evaluation will be essential in unravelling the business rivalry that the theatre industry is facing. Under PEST tool of assessment, the P stands for environmental factors that affect competition in a certain industry. Political stakeholders are significant in enacting laws that could regulate competition in the industry. In the movie theatre industry, there is the ‘theatrical window’ concern. The theatrical window is that periodRead MoreTechnology Ha s A Positive Or Negative Impact On Social Interactions?985 Words   |  4 Pagesinclinations with mediums such as the printing press, the internet, cell phones, and televisions, though not limited to such. In parallel, its progressive ease of access prompts for habitual consistencies. Furthermore, it conjures up disagreements on how technology affects the population. One side believes that technology serves as a beneficial factor in facilitating democracy, as well as enhancing social interactions. Subsequently, they believe that it is the driving factor for better human communicationRead MoreHow Media Affects The Socialization Of Children1562 Words   |  7 PagesHow Media Affects the Socialization of Children As mass media continues to expand through our use of everyday electronics, children s socialization skills may be suffering by the lack of face to face, physical, and natural interaction. Mass media like television, computers, radios, newspapers, video games and many others play a huge role in socialization in children. Children need interaction, and mass media offers no physical interaction at all. Children are spending more and more time in theRead MoreMedia And Its Impact On Society Essay1678 Words   |  7 Pagesdependent on technology and always wanted to be entertained by the media. The media does do a good job of getting information, whether true or not, out to the people; however, media has negatively affected many aspects of our society. Whether its degrading our value of those certain aspects or harmfully altering our perspectives, media has taken a toll on our society. Religion and politics has been the most negatively affect and education has been affected the least. Electronic media has drastically changed

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Staff Development Presentation On Cerebral Palsy - 1534 Words

Staff Development Presentation On Cerebral Palsy We all know that every child is unique in one or another way. He or she may be different from the developmental level, or might be suffering from some types of disabilities. But as a teacher we must understand the needs and requirements of every child and consider the equity in the classroom. There are different types of disabilities that the children are suffering from, but today we will discuss one of the physical disabilities in children, and that is Cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder caused by a brain damage. The damage of the brain might be before the birth, during the birth process, or after the birth due to an injury or accident. The effects of this damage†¦show more content†¦Some other types of disabilities that also can be associated with cerebral palsy are learning disabilities, intellectual and developmental disabilities, speech impairments, eating problems, and some sensory impairment. What Causes Cerebral Palsy? It is due to a brain damag e caused during the birth time, or after the birth, but usually it occurs during fetal development. The major causes of cerebral palsy in the infants are breech births, respiratory problems in the infants, physical birth defects as faulty spinal bone formation, Low Apgar score, low birth weight or premature birth of the infant, being a twin or part of a multiple births, and sometimes having seizures shortly after the birth. Other children might have Cerebral palsy because of injury in their brains caused by an accident. These types of damage in the brain disrupt the brain s ability to adequately control movement and posture. No doubt most of the causes are unknown, but certain infections during the pregnancy, premature birth, and risky delivery can be the main causes for cerebral palsy. The specialists say that no more than 2% of the cases might be caused by genetic disposition. No doubt the cerebral palsy affects muscle movement, but it isn’t caused by problems in the muscl es or nerves. It is caused by damage in parts of the brain that control muscle movements. Cerebral palsy may not be detected until months or years later though the majority of children with cerebral

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Modern Marriage The Ultimate Test Free Essays

Have the roles of men and women in marriage changed in modern society? There are many theories hoping to answer this controversial question. One theory comes from David Popenoe, a Professor of Sociology at Rutgers University. Popenoe’s theory of roles in marriage is that a modern marriage needs to be reestablished to a more traditional way of living, or to â€Å"restore the traditional nuclear family of bread-winning husband and full-time housewife that flourished in the 1950’s† (Page 186). We will write a custom essay sample on Modern Marriage: The Ultimate Test or any similar topic only for you Order Now Another theory comes from Karen Zittleman (Ph. D), an education author and teacher; who takes her theory of modern marriage and brings it to a younger generation. Zittleman’s theory of marriage roles is â€Å"in more ways than one, especially biologically, boys and girls are more similar than different and that gendered stereotypes and expectations have a developmental history that starts with learned notions of femininity and masculinity† (Page 236). Both Popenoe’s and Zittleman’s theories are factually effective. Popenoe opens his reading with a firm questioning on the role shift in modern marriage, and he manages to effectively back his claims throughout the essay. Zittleman also opens her reading strongly, jumping right to the point of her thesis and study. Zittleman uses studies conducted by other psychologists, statistics, and many factual statements. Popenoe uses studies conducted by other psychologists and many facts to support his thesis. However, Popenoe’s theory on such a controversial topic leaves very little or no room for ambiguity or interpretation while Zittleman leaves her theory open to her readers. Popenoe justifies his theory by first establishing the so-called confusion in today’s marital roles. He explains how the right family life of having â€Å" a legally and culturally dominant bread-winning husband and an economically dependent full-time housewife† (Page 186) has drastically changed to â€Å"much confusion over family expectations and marital gender roles† (Page 187). Throughout his study, he explained how there were three major downfalls for the shift in martial roles: broken families, women failing to juggle family and work life, and negative repercussions for men. After noting studies and works done by Bronfenbrenner and Bowlby, Popenoe discusses the biological attributions with the shift of family martial roles. Popenoe explains that â€Å"a stronger case should be presented at this time, one of declining family stability and personal well-being† (Page 193). With this, Popenoe reveals his â€Å"Seven Tenents for Establishing New Marital Norms,† which is a remedy for society’s confusion over marital gender-role expectations. Step one in his â€Å"Seven Tenents† explains how both girls and boys should be trained according to their abilities. Step two explains that young people should grow up with the expectation that they will marry once, and they will wait for marriage until they are in their late 20’s. Step three includes specific ages that are proper for men and women to marry. Step four explains that single men and women should start saving for their married lives. Step five infers that women are encouraged to leave the labor market once children are born. Step six explains that the father should take primary responsibility for the children after time with their mothers. Step seven infers the balancing of domestic and paid work. However, Zittleman would mostly disagree with Popenoe’s theory. In Zittleman’s study, she first justifies her theory by presenting two studies done by other psychologist on middle school children: â€Å"†¦ iddle school is a critical time for gender identity development† (Page 238). The first set of charts displays the sex and race of the students in 5 public middle schools. Zittleman reveals that â€Å"gender plays a significant role in the lives of middle school students, expanding some options, but more often limiting the acad emic and social development of females and males† (Page 241). Zittleman then reveals charts that convey answers that display â€Å"The best thing about being a boy and the best thing about being a girl. † â€Å"Both sexes had more positive things to say about being a boy than being a girl† (Page 241). Zittleman then proceeds to pose the questions, â€Å"What is the worst thing about being a boy and what is the worst thing about being a girl? † For boys, â€Å"they listed fighting, discipline, poor grades, fear of homophobia, and difficulty with friendships and emotions† (Page 241). For girls, â€Å"relational aggression† was the top answer for most, and that included gossip, spreading rumors and the trust in friends. Zittleman jumps to her main point of importance in educating schools about gender equity. Like many theories, there is always room for critique, especially a theory about such a controversial topic. One of the main downfalls of Popenoe’s essay was the overall structure and organization. For example, Popenoe opens his essay with an introduction that was not well fitted for a reader. Another organizational flaw in Popenoe’s essay is the lack of charts. Popenoe brings a lot of studies and facts to his piece, but there were too many studies placed together which could confuse some of his readers. Popenoe says that although decline in population is not an imminent problem, this trend displays the sentiment among many adults that they do not value having a family as a lifestyle that will â€Å"fulfill their major values. In addition to this trend, he correlates the increase in divorces as an indication of a decline in the value of family. He points to the fact that women are increasingly economically independent and therefore able to divorce. He points out that regardless of the fact that this decline is seen in the eyes of feminists as a gain in equality for women, it does not change the fact that it could be seen as the main cause of the breaking up of the nuclear family unit. Popenoe’s thesis and argument on the whole appear to be extremely obtuse. It seemed that he came at the issue through a very narrow track of research that did not take into account other societal problems that contribute to divorce and other reasons he cites for the shift in martial roles. Popenoe did a wonderful job when it came to finding facts and studies that proved his theory. Nevertheless, there were too many facts to register which depleted the essay’s effectiveness. Zittleman however faced a few challenges herself in her study of â€Å"Being a Girl and Being a Boy. † Like Popenoe, one of Zittleman’s main downfalls in her essay was the organization. Unlike Popenoe, Zittleman opened her essay with a personal study. Zittleman, also took advantage of using charts, but there were an overwhelming amount. Some studies in Zittleman’s essay really didn’t need to be represented in chart form; a simple written explanation would have been better for the readers. There were a few charts that were sometimes unclear to the readers. At times throughout their essays, both Popenoe and Zittleman became unaware of their audience, which could have explained the distorted views in Popenoe’s essay. It can be argued that Zittleman’s target audience could be students, but it mostly pertains to the professors and teachers. When it came to Popenoe, his target audience was rather confusing at times; I really couldn’t place a proper target audience for his essay. Both Popenoe’s and Zittleman’s essays try to answer the question of the shift of roles in modern marriage. Though Zittleman uses charts and Popenoe doesn’t, the styles in both works are best understood by an audience of pre-educated readers in this topic. After re-reading both studies done by both authors, heir area of study is similar, but the way they approached it was completely different. All in all, both Zittleman and Popenoe do a great job when it came to supporting their thesis. Zittleman achieved her goal as a writer when it came to appeasing for a wide range of audiences. Popenoe, however, focuses so much on proving his theory with facts that he fails to remember he has a wide vari ety of readers. Although I personally disagree with Popenoe’s theory, he still did a great job in supporting his work factually. How to cite Modern Marriage: The Ultimate Test, Papers

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Equal Rights free essay sample

Throughout history people have had their equal rights taken away; such as during the Holocaust when the Jews, mentally and physically disabled, gypsies, black people and children of mixed marriages, homosexuals, Jehovahs Witnesses, social misfits, and members of the political and religious opposition were taken to concentration camps. They had all their rights ripped away such as the right to religion, freedom of choice, and basic rights, like eating any type of food. People have been discriminated against due to their religion for many centuries. Just like the Jews during WWII that were put into concentration camps and killed because of their religion. Elie Wiesel is a Holocaust survivor and tells his story to the world in the book Night. Everyone has the right to religion, no matter what religion they are. With our freedom of religion we can choose to be a Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, etc. Some people have changed religions because they have the right to do so or because their spouse is a different religion. We will write a custom essay sample on Equal Rights or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Freedom of choice, we all have the right to choose what we want to be, who we want to marry, what career we want and were we want to go to school. Our career choice can be anything from police officers to attorneys; we can even choose to be a nurse. The career we choose can also help us choose the school we wish to go to. To be a nurse we would choose a nursing school, an attorney would choose a 4 year type of college, and a police officer could choose a type of academy. People also have basic rights, such as eating what they choose. Some people want to be vegetarians, some will only eat white meat, and some choose to eat white and red meat. Some people will even hunt for their food to eat. Some will hunt deer, rabbit, or even birds so they can eat, its what they choose. Throughout the book Night Elie Wiesel tells us his story about how people have had their rights taken away. Everyone including those that are Jewish, mentally and physically disabled, gypsies, black people and children of mixed marriages, homosexuals, Jehovahs Witnesses, social misfits, and members of the political and religious opposition have equal rights to choose what they wish. It is said to see that even today people have their rights taken from them. We can only hope that we have actually learned from our mistakes in the past and make a better future. Equal Rights Essay By sbJblbdq65

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Thursday Caption Contest - February 18th

He was United States from Delaware, and is now the Vice-President of the United States. Did you know that Joe Biden is also dedicated family man? If you can caption this image of Vice President Joe Biden at Georgetown University for a campus tour, you could win. We’ll pick our three favorites, taking into account the number of likes your submission gets (hint: it helps to share)!Winner gets a $20 Amazon Gift Card, $20 in site credits, plus bragging rights. The two runners-up each get $10 in credits to apply towardsunlocking successfulapplication examplesand/or chatting withmentors. Follow us onFacebookandTwitterto see the winners every week! Contest ends Thursday, February 25th. Three submissions max. Congrats tolast week’s winners!

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Egyptian Pyramids Essays - Giza Plateau, Saqqara, Free Essays

Egyptian Pyramids Essays - Giza Plateau, Saqqara, Free Essays Egyptian Pyramids When most people mention Ancient Egypt the first thing that comes to mind is the Pyramids. To construct such monuments required a mastery of art, architecture and social organization that few cultures would ever rival. The pyramids are said to have built Egypt by being the force that knit together the kingdom's economy. Their creations were so subeztial, that the sight of these vast pyramids would take your breath away. Today, the valley of the Nile has an open air museum so people can witness these grand monuments. Obsessed with the afterlife, Egypt's rulers of 4,500 years ago glorified themselves in stone, thereby laying the foundation of the first great nation-state. A Pyramid is an enormous machine that helps the king go through the wall of the dead, achieve resurrection and live forever in the happiness of the gods. The start of the Old Kingdom is said to be the building of the Djoser's monument. The construction of Step Pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser began around 2630 B.C. and was designed to awe the ancient Egyptians, to impress them with their rule's godlike strength. It was the world's first great construction project; indeed, it was the world's largest building. Djoser, the second king of the 3rd dynasty, hired an architect called Imhoptep who for the first time constructed a tomb completely of stone. Imhoptep is considered the preeminent genius of the Old Kingdom. He assembled one workforce to quarry limestone at the cliff of Tura, across the Nile, another to haul the stone to the site where master carvers shaped each block and put it in place. The Step Pyramid is a terraced structure rising in six unequal stages to a height of 60 meters, its base measuring 120 meters by 108 meters. The substructure has a system of underground corridors and rooms. Its main feature being a central shaft 25 meters deep and 8 meters wide. The step pyramid rises within a vast walled court 544 meters long and 277 meters wide, in which are the remnants of several stone edifices built to supply the wants of the king in the here after. Towering limestone columns were shaped to mimic the sway and droop of leafy plants. Immovable doors hung on great carved hinges. Facades called false doors through which the pharaoh's ka, or vital force, was presumed to pass, lay recessed within walls. The interiors of dummy temples were packed with rubble. Everything about the place bespoke illusion. The Step Pyramid was a ladder. Not a symbol of a ladder but an actual one, by which the soul of a dead ruler might climb to the sky, joining the gods in immortality. No one knows why the Egyptians created this fantastic scene, but some archaeologists speculate that there was an Old Kingdom belief that a work of art, a building, had power and utility in the afterlife in direct proportion to its uselessness in the real world. In this view, each false door, each dummy temple worked in the afterlife precisely because it could not function in this one. On the north side of the pyramid is a small stone cubicle, with a pair of tiny holes in its facade. When you look through these holes, you see two eyes retuning your stare, the blank gaze of a life size statue of Djoser sitting on the throne. The holes are there for the pharaoh to look out perhaps at the stars in the northern sky called the Imperishables because they never set. Many believe that the building of Djoser's pyramid complex, which was accomplished by hundreds of workers from across the land, served to join those provinces into the world's first nation-state. During the Old Kingdom, which began around 2700 B.C. and lasted some 550 years, each pharaoh after Djoser marshaled a vast portion of his country's manpower and wealth to build his own tomb and ensure his immortality. To build such outezding monuments required a preciseness of architecture, and years of endless labor from so many Egyptians. The kingdom developed a funerary tradition around the worship of their divine pharaohs, both living and dead. Every aspect of life was affected. The Egyptians dug a network of canals

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Explain dualism, materialism, and Idealism. Which is preferable and Essay

Explain dualism, materialism, and Idealism. Which is preferable and why - Essay Example nly measure of reality by disregarding other possible dimensions such as the mental, cultural, or spiritual as it is only material things that constitute the entirety of the universe including all other phenomena. This theory is alternatively termed as eliminative materialism because it disregards all the other possible mental states as probably inherently wrong and non-existent (Ramsey, 2013). 3. Idealism – this philosophy is basically the exact opposite of materialism by claiming that all forms of observed phenomena (or reality itself) are primarily ideal or mental in form only (as mental constructs and therefore immaterial by its very nature). It rejects materialism by and other forms of philosophical thought by saying all human experiences are mental in nature and the entire universal human existence is just like one giant â€Å"mental thought† and ultimate reality is nothing but just images or representations of what people observed (McQuillan, 2014). Dualism is a better philosophy because it more or less is consonant with what people are observing and experiencing in terms of their earthly human existence. In other words, there is a duality in human existence which is the physical or material world and then another dimension of a spiritual nature because the mind-body interactions are very real indeed (Kelly,

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Current Ethical Issue in Business Paper Research

Current Ethical Issue in Business - Research Paper Example When Merrill Lynch put bad mortgages in hedge funds than sold them for a year with the promise of a return, the logic was the investors knew the risk. Lita Epstein (2007) explains: Merrill investors had no idea how bad its situation was until it finally came clean about its losses and took a $7.9 billion write-down on these risky securities, one of Wall Streets largest write-downs ever, plus another $463 million write-down of deal-related lending commitments for a total of $8.4 billion. (Epstein 2007). The result of Merrill Lynch and other hedge fund managers was Congress stepping in with new legislation. This means stricter laws and taxes in the United States and Europe. Merrill Lynch did not learn from their mistakes. Instead of operating in the United States and Europe, â€Å"Bank of America Merrill Lynch is helping to establish more than a dozen hedge funds in Asia as industry regulation grows tougher in America and Europe† (Cooper 2010). Clearly this suggests that Merrill Lynch cares more about a profit than the investor. The ground rules that manifested this situation were greed, deception, irresponsible borrowing, and portfolio importance. The hedge funds were there to make money by taking risks. The deception of transferring bad mortgages to the hedge fund created the situation. Irresponsible borrowing, a hedge fund can borrow up to thirty percent over their assets, led to defaulted mortgages. Finally the annual financial report had to meet certain goals to be acceptable to stockholders. The truth never had a chance. Merrill Lynch was guilty of defrauding their stockholders. Although after taking the write down no penalties were given, Merrill Lynch should have learned about the right way to run a hedge fund. The fact that Merrill Lynch wants to operate in Asia should make investors run. This company puts money and success over ethics and investors. This case scenario is not a good example of ethics. Investor should not trust their pennies, much

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Review la confidential Movie Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

La confidential - Movie Review Example The character of Dudley Smith played by James Cromwell is tough and disciplined. Being the head of the LAPD he plays a protagonist role against the ‘bad boys’ in the city and is also loyal to his collogues and the department. Bud white (Russell Crowe), a police detective who is often hard and violent to enforce justice and law. Ed Exley (Guy Pearce) a cop cum detective works strictly for the policing policies while being totally aware of the politics within the department. Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey) is the sparkling Hollywood detective serving as a technical adviser for a television series. Mickey Cohen took over the running crime scene of Los Angeles bringing down the reputation of LA police department and turning the department against him. But soon this guy is arrested while the legacy of crime scenes continues. The story revolves around three detectives; Exley, Jack and Bud white. Bud white watches a man abusing her wife. He is bought to death by Bud White. On the other hand Jack Vincennes serves as a narcotics detective and arrest two men engaged with marijuana. Exley moves to the murder investigation and Vincennes joined the Vice Squad. Bud White’s suspension is also over taken when they set out for the mission. The three now set out to stop criminals entering the LA and trying to take over Mickey Cohen’s business. The suspected criminals are taken to a remote location, beaten hard by Bud White and then forced to leave the city. The detectives now plan to find Cohen’s subordinates to trace and catch his network; this working strategy helped them while Cohen remains in the prison. There is a twist in the story with the murders at Nite Owl. Every police detective now starts to investigate about this crime scene while leaving all the other aims aside. If the killers are caught, Exley will lead the interrogations. Bud White left this

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Globalisation: Threats and Benefits for SMEs

Globalisation: Threats and Benefits for SMEs INTRODUCTION Globalisation has become a hot discussion issue for both academicians as well as the corporate world. This is because of the effects globalisation has on Small medium enterprise as well as the benefits they offer to the SMEs and national economies as a whole. Globalisation is a major driver that has an impact on nearly every business due to internationalization of markets. Technological progress in distribution and other logistics enables every business to buy and sell at a global scale. Small Medium Enterprises contributes to over 50% of the national GDP and provides over 60% of the total employment in most of the developed high income countries. Small and Medium Entrepreneurs play a major role in creating economic growth in every country through job creation (UNCTAD) .Despite small businesses being engines that drive economic growth in most economies, smaller firms in developing countries are greatly disadvantage in terms of growth and profitability due to globalisation. 1.0 What is Globalisation? Globalisation refers to the shift towards a more integrated and independent world economy (Hill 2003) .Globalisation has two main dimensions thus Globalisation of markets and Globalisation of production. 1.1 Globalisation of markets refers to the merging of separate national markets into one global market which is aimed at reducing cross boarder barriers making it easy to sell and buy international (Hill 2003). However cavugil et al -defines Globalisation of markets as a gradual integration and growing interdependence of national economies. It is also aimed at standardizing products worldwide and a means of converging customer preferences. Its therefore important to note that this is a gradual process which started as far back as 1830 has been done in phases. The integration has resulted in the formation of regional bloc e.g. the European Union, SADC in southern Africa, COMESA just to mention a few. Integration is where two or more countries in the same geographical area make an alliance with a view of reducing barriers to trade and invest to grow their economies. This implies that the lowering of trade barriers enables firms to view the world as one global market rather than a singl e market. 1.2 Globalisation of production is the sourcing of goods and services from countries around the globe to take advantage of national differences in the cost and quality factors of production. China is a good example of emerging markets with low labor costs. With globalistaion, this has seen most firms moving their production centers to china to reduce costs and this has enhanced their economies of scale. By doing this, firms aim to gain competitive advantage as globalisation has resulted in increased competition in the global market. Globalisation productions not limited to giants like Boeing but smaller firms are getting into the act as they aim to lower costs and increase their profit margins. Why GLOBALISATION-There are many reasons why nations globalise. 2.1 Nations globalise to reduce barriers of trade and investment .This means that the absence of barriers has enabled firms to have access to the total market resulting into a wider selection of choice of goods for customers. On the other hand globalisation has resulted into the formation of regional blocks where governments get into agreements so as to eliminate the hindrances to trade freely among the member countries This has not only reduced barriers of trade but also have enhanced the bilateral relationships between member countries. Globalisation is one way of liberalizing markets meaning its one way of opening up markets with minimal government indulgence. Its believed that globalisation creates opportunities to advance in technology and this has resulted in creating efficiency for firms and has brought about innovation which enables firms compete favorably. The other reason why nations globalise is that its easy to integrate world financial markets. As the world is merging business transactions are becoming more simplified e.g. the sourcing of funds from foreign firms have been made easy. However, globalisation has its own benefits and threats especially to small firms 3.0 Benefits of globalisation to smaller firms-.Globalisation has its own pros and cons however its important to note that it has been quite beneficial to smaller firms in various ways. Globalisation has created opportunities for smaller firms to make alliances (merge) with other small firms enabling them access expertise from other countries and creating synergies to achieve competitive advantage. Smaller firms have also benefited greatly from technology mostly brought by globalisation of markets. Communication has become easy as it i possible to transact with different countries within a short period of time. More knowledge about production methods, management techniques, and economic policies are easily accessible at very low costs which is a valuable resource especially for developing countries. Globalisation has resulted in increased investment in business even for small firms due to easy sourcing of funds globally and supports small firms get from other supranational authorities Globalisation has opened doors for small businesses to export their products .Some statistic show that 90% of exporters are small businesses this has helped infant firms have wider market for their products and services. It has also created an opportunity for Small firms to compete on an international scale 4.0 Threats of Globalisation to SMEs Critics of globalisation argue that although there are benefits associated with globalisation, its also apparent that Smaller Medium Enterprises are threatened by globalisation in different ways: With the opening of boarders which has seen a number of MNEs in most countries offering lower prices, small firms are forced to sell their goods and services at lower costs as it is the only way they can compete and this has a negative effect on their profitability. Its has also increased spending for research and development in market entry as it takes a much higher proportion of total spending smaller firms than in larger businesses. Opening up of boarders has resulted in mass migration. This entails that countries loses some of its best talented and skilled people which in turn could mean reduced pool of Human resource SMEs can choose from. Globalisation has also brought about stiff competition from Multi National Entrepreneurs investing in various countries. With globalisation most governments especially in developing countries have policies benefiting MNEs and disadvantaging smaller firms in their quest to attract foreign direct investment. It is because of these threats that governments and supranational authorities have to come in and protect the smaller firms from being swept away. 5.0 What are supranational authorities? These are international governing bodies empowered to regulate international trade and investment .Their main objective is to save collective interest of member states. 5.1 Roles of Supranational Authorities-Supranational authorities play key roles in integration of market as they are aimed at solving common economic problems facing different countries including smaller firms. Examples of these authorities which play major role in protecting smaller firms include; World trade organisation, World Bank, International Monetary fund, African Bank for Reconstruction and development (ABRD) etc, these authorities work hand in hand with governments from various countries to see how poverty can be reduced and creation of jobs enhanced. This includes protecting smaller firms from effects of globalisation and ensuring that they are not swept away by the presence of multi national enterprises since they are the drivers of most economies today. 5.1.1 IMF: The international monetary funds main objective is to raise living standards of its member countries by ensuring that countries can sustain themselves without much dependency on donor funding. Its aimed at fostering global monetary cooperation and secure financial stability by stabilizing exchange rates. If the exchange rates are stabilized its easy for the nation to attract foreign direct investment. International Monetary Funds also facilitates international trade and promotes high employment and sustainability of economic growth with the ultimate goal of reducing poverty. This means that IMF encourages member countries to adopt sound economic policies to promote entrepreneurs in member states especially developing countries so as to help them grow their economies. Once these economies have grown it will mean they become self reliant and employment created for the citizens and IMF would have achieved its goal. 5.1.2 World Bank: The World Banks mission is to fight poverty and improving the living standard of people in developing countries To achieve this, the bank provides low interest loans to different organisations to help funding various projects. Not only to organisations but the bank also offer grants to governments to run various projects in different ministries. World Bank provides advice on implementation of various policies that benefits the different economies. It also offers technical advice to both low and medium income countries on how economies can be improved thereby reducing poverty. The World Bank partners with governments to come up with projects as a way of promoting growth in the economies which leads to job creation .The other reason is to empower smaller firms so that they can explore the opportunities arising from globalisation. The World Bank has other major wings thus the International Bank for Reconstruction and development (IBRD) and the international development association which work primarily with governments to support private businesses in developing countries. Besides the above two wings discussed there is also the international development bank which offers advice on how to access IDB financed contracts 5.1.3 World trade organisation: World trade deals with rules of trade between nations to avoid exploiting one another .World trade ensure that there is fair trade between the trading nations and that trade should not benefit one nation at the expense of the other. The main goal is to help producers of goods and services conduct their business in a fair and transparent manner. This includes Multi national enterprises and smaller firms alike 6.0 Role of Government in protecting small firms Although reasons for economic stagnation vary, several factors point out that many developing countries have economic policies that destroy wealth rather than creating wealth. Its for this reason that Government should come up with policies protecting smaller firms from exploitation as they contribute greatly to the growth of the economy. However this task should not be left alone to supranational authorities but it calls for efforts of various governments to work hand in hand with these authorities to achieve the main goal. In as much as globalisation has benefited most economies of various nations globalisation still poses challenges to many businesses especially infant firms in developing countries. Government therefore should ensure that these infant firms are protected from threats and or exploitation brought about globalisation of markets and production .Its also important to highlight that government needs concerted efforts from all stakeholders thus the private sector to come aboard in helping small and medium firms thrive through stiff competitions. Government can support smaller firms through the implementation of policies in support of smaller firms in form of financial and technical assistance so as to prevent small business from being swept away by todays global economy. This can be through offering tax incentives which can be in form of tax rebates. Government can support smaller firms by injecting capital into these small firms. For example in Zambia there is a government project called the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (C.E.E.C) aimed at encouraging youths and Zambian small entrepreneurs to become entrepreneurs and grow their businesses. It provides loans to small entrepreneurs so that they can grow their businesses and compete effectively. Entrepreneurs are asked to come up with project proposals which are then submitted to C.E.E.C for evaluation. After the evaluation process then they are advised as to weather the project is viable of not and are advised accordingly .if they are sound a loan is given to them after submission of the relevant documents. Government can introduce market linkage through global trade centers to buyers abroad this will help ensure that there is always ready market for small firms products .In most instances small firms may have the product but no market for them at they end up selling their product cheaply without making profits to reinvest .Trade centers on the other hand will do the research on behalf of the entrepreneurs and advises them on how to add quality to their product to meet the international standards and all the logistics should be put in place. In Zambia, the government through the ZDA offers a service of market sourcing for emerging SMEs. Development of good road network system is another way government can come to support these firms. This is because most small firms find it hard to transport their product to market places due to poor roads .This is most applicable in developing countries like Zambia where small firms especially those dealing with agricultural products have problems transporting their produces to major markets where there are better offers hence they end up selling these products cheaply Government can also work hand in hand with local banks and help reduce interest and lending rates so as to enable small firms have access to loans to finance their business this will ensure growth to this infant firms. Government can also come up with policies where small entrepreneurs especially in the agricultural sector sell direct to the Food Reserve Agency (F.R.A) at a profitable price. This will deter buyers seeking to exploit them with lower prices. Smaller firms fail to compete effectively due to lack of planning. Most of them fail to come up with comprehensive business proposal plans as a result they have no direction on how to compete. This is where governments co-operating partners can come in to help by running workshops so as to give them direction. The Government Republic of Zambia offer such training through a government wing called Zambia Development Agency (ZDA). For firms in the exporting business government can offer incentives in form of invoice discount or warehouse receipts this will encourage more smaller firms to venture into exporting which is a way of expanding their market and is less risky and cheaper that foreign direct investment. Government should also introduce price sealing to deter multi national Enterprises from exploiting market for infant firms seeking to use the cost leadership strategy as a means of entering the foreign market. This will ensures there is protection of the home grown products as there is a floor limiting price factor Governments from the same regional blocks can introduce one stop boarder post where small entrepreneurs are allowed to cross over with goods and with no tax on certain goods. In the SADC region for example ,Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe have signed this agreement although its not as effective as it should be If all these measures are put in place and necessary policies are implemented by the government and its stakeholders then smaller firms will survive from globalisation threats and will eventually be translated into economic growth and increased gross domestic product ratio. CONCLUSION In conclusion, as globalisation has progressed the living conditions have improved significantly in almost all the countries. However the strongest gains have been particularly on high income countries (developed countries) and only a few in developing countries. This is because low income countries have not been able to integrate with global economies quickly as the developed countries partly because of the policies implemented in various nations and other factors beyond their control. Every country should seek to reduce poverty thus encouraging entrepreneurship by strengthening their financial muscle so that they can withstand stiff competition amid globalisation. This is the only way to ensure that smaller firms have access to benefits of globalisation and reduced threats. Finally for as long as Small Medium Enterprises lack financial support, with poor infrastructure and lack of government assistance and support ,small firms will continue being threatened by globalisation and eventually will be swept away. This will have an adverse impact on the economy as small firms are the back bone of the strong economies. RECOMMENDATION The Government of the Republic of Zambia must increase the allocation to the wings responsible for youth and entrepreneur project e.g. the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission and should be encouraged to lend to women groups and have the collateral to borrow from banks as most of this government wing offer too little to small firms and cannot borrow from high interest Banks due to lack of collaterals. Policies that protect local manufacturers should be strengthened by developing country governments. This is because currently the laws and regulations on this angle are too weak as a result investors source raw materials from their country of origin and not from local suppliers. There is also great need for governments to enhance education, training and research and development to promote productivity among small firms through its cooperating partners. This could be an opportunity for small businesses to acquire right skills in dynamic economies. Other policies should include structural reforms to encourage domestic competition. If local firms can compete domestically it helps improve product and service standard thereby preparing them to compete internationally. Developing countries should lobby from rich countries to relax restrictions for developing countries to export into European and western markets. This can be done through bodies like SADC, COMESA and A.U. There is a better chance of being heard if they speak with one strong voice. Supranational authorities should introduce parallel lending specifically for small firms so that funds are not diverted. They should also channel funds for capacity building which helps instill know how to infant firms so that they can compete effectively. Supranational authorities should work hand in hand with Non governmental organisation by funding various projects e.g. when it comes to running workshops. They should also lower interest rates to small firms to enable them access loans with minimal interests. APPENDICES chart1a chart2b

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Computer Crime Is Increasing :: essays research papers fc

Computer Crime Is Increasing A report discussing the proposition that computer crime has increased dramatically over the last 10 years. Introduction Computer crime is generally defined as any crime accomplished through special knowledge of computer technology. Increasing instances of white-collar crime involve computers as more businesses automate and the information held by the computers becomes an important asset. Computers can also become objects of crime when they or their contents are damaged, for example when vandals attack the computer itself, or when a "computer virus" (a program capable of altering or erasing computer memory) is introduced into a computer system. As subjects of crime, computers represent the electronic environment in which frauds are programmed and executed; an example is the transfer of money balances in accounts to perpetrators' accounts for withdrawal. Computers are instruments of crime when they are used to plan or control such criminal acts. Examples of these types of crimes are complex embezzlements that might occur over long periods of time, or when a computer operator uses a computer to steal or alter valuable information from an employer. Variety and Extent Since the first cases were reported in 1958, computers have been used for most kinds of crime, including fraud, theft, embezzlement, burglary, sabotage, espionage, murder, and forgery. One study of 1,500 computer crimes established that most of them were committed by trusted computer users within businesses i.e. persons with the requisite skills, knowledge, access, and resources. Much of known computer crime has consisted of entering false data into computers. This method of computer crime is simpler and safer than the complex process of writing a program to change data already in the computer. Now that personal computers with the ability to communicate by telephone are prevalent in our society, increasing numbers of crimes have been perpetrated by computer hobbyists, known as "hackers," who display a high level of technical expertise. These "hackers" are able to manipulate various communications systems so that their interference with other computer systems is hidden and their real identity is difficult to trace. The crimes committed by most "hackers" consist mainly of simple but costly electronic trespassing, copyrighted-information piracy, and vandalism. There is also evidence that organised professional criminals have been attacking and using computer systems as they find their old activities and environments being automated. Another area of grave concern to both the operators and users of computer systems is the increasing prevalence of computer viruses. A computer virus is generally defined as any sort of destructive computer program, though the term is usually reserved for the most dangerous ones. The ethos of a computer virus is an intent to cause damage, "akin to vandalism on a small scale, or terrorism

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Reading and Writing Essay

Learning how to read back in 1970 is quite different from learning how to read in the world we live in today. Learning to read was somewhat difficult for me as a child. We didn’t have the fancy reading tools back in the day, such as: Hooked on Phonics or Phonemic Awareness. Looking back over my life, I can remember when I was in the first grade, about six or seven years old and I brought home my first report card. On my report card my teacher pointed out an area of weakness in reading. I can still hear my father saying â€Å"Susie are you having trouble reading? † I would respond as any typical six year old child would do by shrugging my shoulders and saying â€Å"I don’t know. † My father was a concerned parent and wanted to help his child. He didn’t want to see me struggle in school nor did he want to see me fall behind. My father was determined he was going to help me improve my reading skills and by doing so my reading grade would improve also. So therefore, my father set up a strategy plan. Every evening after school my father and I would sit down at the dinner table and work on improving my reading skills. His first step was to see if I could sound out all the letters of the alphabet. Once he realized I was able to sound out all letters in the alphabet, his next step was to determine if I could sound out all the vowels: long, short and house top vowels too. The third step was to begin sounding out small words such as: the, cat, red, run, ran, like etc. Once I began to get comfortable reading on my own while my father prepared dinner for my two brothers and I, he would have me to sit at the dinner table and read aloud to him fifteen minutes each day. Eventually with with all the hard work and dedication my reading skills gradually improved. After all, they say practice makes perfect. As I grew older I started enjoying reading much more than I ever realized. I had to find out what type of books and magazines I enjoyed reading. In other words, I had to find my reading niche. I enjoy reading books like Mama, How Stella got her Grove Back, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, A Day Late and a Dollar Short by Terry McMillan. Reading can be very enjoyable, relaxing and mind stimulating as well. Reading exercises our brain. One can self improve while gaining experience from other people by reading. Reading is knowledge and power. Reading teaches children about the world around them. Reading develops a child’s imagination. Now that I have returned to college, reading and writing is a common part of everyday life. Every semester I have had several different assignments that required reading and writing skills. I have had to do an essay, public speaking presentations which involved reading and writing. Reading is very important because one can explore themselves to new things. One can also self improve while gaining experience from other people. Reading can be used for connecting your brain and it can also boost ones imagination and creativity. Reading exercises ones brain. Many factors play a vital role in a child’s growth and development. Reading develops a child’s imagination. Children who read do better at school. Reading relaxes the body and calms the mind. Reading is a great source of entertainment. This is an important point because these days we seem to have forgotten how to relax and especially how to be silent. In almost everything we do reading and writing is a vital part of our everyday lives.

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In Flanders Fields by John McCrae Essays

In Flanders Fields by John McCrae Essays In Flanders Fields by John McCrae Paper In Flanders Fields by John McCrae Paper Essay Topic: Poetry In Flanders Fields by John McCrae is a poem that has helped me to appreciate the unpleasant side of life. It is a poem that deals with the reality that soldiers sacrificed their lives for the living, telling them to finish what they started. It also contains a message from the poet John McCrae that we have a responsibility not to replicate the mistakes of the past. The poet uses exceptionally vivid imagery and skilful symbolism, rhyming, steady pace, well-placed punctuation and other poetic techniques to help me understand this side of life. The imagery used in this poem creates an exceptionally clear picture in the minds eye of what actually happened In Flanders fields. In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, This quotation gives the reader the picture of red poppies, symbolising blood, leaking out of the ground between the white unnamed crosses showing just how many innocent people lost their lives. There is a stark contrast between bright, living flowers and the plain, dead, tombstones. It is very effective because if poppies are left alone, they will keep on growing until there are thousands of them, just like there are thousands of soldiers buried In Flanders fields. Also McCrae uses very vivid imagery in the first paragraph. There is a feeling of hope because there is a continuation of nature in spite of what man is doing on the ground underneath the singing, flying birds. Then at this very moment of hope the singing is drowned out by the noises of man at war. The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. This quotation gives the reader a strong and vibrant image of what was happening In Flanders fields. The soldiers could see the birds flying above but could not hear them singing beautifully over the sound of their machine guns and mortar shells exploding all around them. Furthermore, in the second paragraph the speaker speaks to the reader as if he was one of the dead soldiers. To the reader it is influential, showing the dead were real living people at one time in history. They enjoyed life and saw things they liked, just as we do, but all of their hopes and dreams were shattered by war. We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, This quotation uses imagery to show the reader what the soldiers were thinking about in the days before the war when they saw beautiful sunrises and sunsets. This suggests to the reader what the soldiers saw while fighting; they did not see saw a nice sunrise or sunset, just a blood stained sky. We are the Dead. The poet adds emphasis to the fact that dead people can speak out from the grave by adding a capital d to Dead. Another reason is that they have no real name any more and the Dead is now their proper name. It also makes the reader realise just how many people died In Flanders fields by not giving an accurate number and using we. One of the best uses of symbolism is in the last verse when the dead soldiers are telling the next generation to finish what they started, to finish their fight against evil. To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. This quotation shows that the dead men thought that they were losing and could not complete their objective of wining the war. It also means that they were throwing on the torch of life as they died. The torch symbolises guidance, hope, victory and life, which must someday burn out or in the case of the soldiers, be extinguished. It is effective as again it reminds the reader of death, as the soldiers threw away their lives for the ones they loved. Probably the best use of symbolism in the poem is in the last line: We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields. In this quotation the dead people tell the reader that if they do not fight evil, there will be no peace in the world and more blood will be shed as the poppies grow. It is very effective as all the poppies in the poem symbolise blood. This tells the reader that even more will be spent, and that the dead will have died in vein, knowing that they did not bring peace to the world. These final lines might also point to the fact that some kink of poppies can be use to derive opium from, from which morphine can be made. Morphine is one of the strongest painkillers and may have been used to put severely wounded soldiers to sleep and put them out of their misery. The word sleep is symbolic here as they are really not sleeping but are fading into death. The rhyming in this poem makes the poem flow, just like the blood flowing from the wounded. The rhyming is quite regular as the endings of lines one, two, and five all rhyme in each separate stanza: blow, ago, foe The exception is in the middle, stanza two where only lines one and two rhyme because there is only four lines instead of the usual five. Also lines three and four rhyme in each of the stanzas: high, die The exception is also in verse two where only line three rhymes with the others. This is significant as it very cleverly shows that the soldiers never spent long on the battlefield before they died. The poet does this by making stanza two shorter than the others. The poem has a slow, miserable pace to it, symbolising first the slow pace at which the war was fought, the soldiers inching their way forward towards the enemy. Secondly the sadness felt by both the soldiers as their friends died around them, and the by the reader who learns of this terrible tragedy from them. The poet has achieved this by using punctuation extremely skilfully. There are several well placed commas, colons and semi-colons all used specifically to slow down the pace of the poem. That mark our place; and in the sky Take up our quarrel with the foe: These quotations show just how colons and semi-colons can dramatically slow down the pace of a poem. This is effective because it gives the reader the impression of the sluggish pace at which the war was fought. In the last verse the poet speaks of an unending quarrel with the foe. This is a really good example of irony because if one thing became clear during the War it was that there was no quarrel between ordinary soldiers, except maybe in the heat of a fight. The real quarrel existed only in the minds of some stupid politicians and high-ranking officers, who mostly never experienced the horrors of the battlefields. The message from John McCrae, is that we have a responsibility not to replicate the mistakes of the past. I think that the message comes across extremely strongly and makes the reader feel sad and sorry for the dead and their loved ones. The First and Second World Wars taught the world an example not to fight to such a large extent that millions of people die at some point in a battle. In conclusion I found In Flanders Fields by John McCrae a very interesting and intriguing poem. It helped me to see the unpleasant side of life and it dealt with the reality that soldiers sacrificed their lives for the living. By using exceptionally vivid imagery and skilful symbolism, amongst other poetic techniques to help me appreciate this side of life.

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Short Story Metaphors and Characterizations

Short Story Metaphors and Characterizations It is impossible to write a good short story without a compelling main character or group of characters. The fact that a well-written short story requires refined characterization skills is enough to show why the use of metaphor in the genre is prolific. In such, understanding metaphor as a path to characterization is vitally important for the short story writer and is one of the many factors that make the genre so uniquely complicated to write.In Poetics, the revered Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote: [T]he greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor†¦ [it is] a sign of genius, since a good metaphor implies an intuitive perception of the similarity in dissimilars. This perception he speaks of isnt always easy to come by, which means that metaphor, when used correctly and in its most potent form, isnt easy. It involves layers of meaning and imagery, and reflects the authors own scope of knowledge. The way it will be read and interpreted is based on the individual readers unique and varied scope of knowledge, creating thousands of potential possibilities when it comes to interpretation of the work.Beyond the limitless possibilities, metaphor as a literary device allows one or two words to carry the weight of many. With successful use of metaphor, an author can speak volumes through the use of a single word or phrase, and induce the reader to understand the character in a more intimate way or in a more specific way. You can have a character who is pale, but describing a womans bone white skin immediately calls to mind the macabre, and has subtly mixed a mood of mortality and death into the story with the use of that one simple description.Why metaphor worksMetaphor is one of those indispensable literary devises that encourages interpretation based on the readers own experiences and background knowledge. In this way, it serves to create layers of meaning for each individual reader, giving him or her the pleasure of interpretation- an interpretation th at might indeed be vastly different than what the author intended. This unique characteristic of metaphor adds depth to literature, particularly short stories, in that it helps the reader intuit a great deal of information within a short period of time. You could write, he felt nervous opening the door and the reader could empathize with him, at most. However, you could write that his hands were two large land masses quaking, and the door was the fault line, and an entire new layer of interpretation opens up. He isnt just nervous, this isnt just some random door- in fact, opening it could be his very raison dà ªtre.Consider some of the following literary metaphors written by famous authors, and how such language helped solidify these writers place in literary history:All the worlds a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.William ShakespeareDying is a wild night and a new road.Emily DickinsonIn the eastern sky there was a yellow patch like a rug laid for the feet of the coming sun†¦Stephen Crane†¦when I laid down the paper, I was aware of a flash- rush- flow- I do not know what to call it- no word I can find is satisfactorily descriptive- in which I seemed to see that bedroom passing through my room, like a picture impossibly painted on a running river.Charles Dickens†¦impressions poured in upon her of those two men, and to follow her thought was like following a voice which speaks too quickly to be taken down by ones pencil†¦Virginia WoolfThe many faces of metaphorsA common error many beginning writers make is the assumption that metaphor is limited to certain parts of speech when in fact, you can make use of the metaphor in several ways. For example, you can use a metaphor as:A verb (The smile that invaded her face was evidence enough.)An adjective (His imprisoning stare demanded her attention.)An adverb (He spoke musi cally, each word in crescendo.)A prepositional phrase (She looked at me with the eye of an eagle.)A modifier (At her feet lay the pieces of torn paper, a graveyard of ink soaking in the puddled rain.)The eye of a poetUsing metaphor is the only way to achieve profound characterization. No one knows this better than the poet, who is generally more limited in word count than even the short story writer, and must say as much as possible in a format that is famished for words. For this reason, as an exercise in perfecting ones craft and the use of metaphor, try looking at your short storys rough draft with the eyes of a poet. If you had to reduce an entire short story to a poem- and its main character(s) to poetic figures- what images would you use in doing so? Which parts of the story would be the focus and what metaphor or imagery would you use to elicit the desired response from your reader?You can take this exercise one step further and actually write that poem. When its finished, co nvert it back into prose and use the metaphors it introduces as highlights of your short storys climax or dà ©nouement; or, use the imagery randomly throughout your short story to deepen the level of characterization you have already developed.

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BPR - What does it means to organization who are underperforming Assignment

BPR - What does it means to organization who are underperforming - Assignment Example These are the key issues to be dealt with when doing BPR for an underperforming firm. IT is one of the means through which BPR can be achieved ; it is not an end itself. (Guy Doumeingts) The ERP package is there to help the BPR process. Many firms equate BPR with the implementation of the ERP software. This is where IT becomes a hurdle rather than a support for BPR. The software should be molded to suit the business processes. The processes and their outcomes are the important thing which needs to be re-organized by the firm; the software is not the important thing. When the latter assumes more importance and technical experts rather than functional people are made in charge of the BPR process IT becomes a hurdle and BPR fails. Misfit of the ERP package selected with the business processes – Vicro’s business processes were highly customer specific. The ERP package was a misfit to these processes and thus further denigrated performance. BPR equated with the software – Vicro made no efforts to actually focus on the business processes and re-engineer them. Its entire focus was on the software implementation. The implementation of this software was accepted to improve the processes as well which never happened. Make Business people owner of the change – Instead of the ERP package being forced by vendors from outside, functional people of the company who run the business should have been made owner of the processes and the vendor responsible to them. Get Universal Buy in – In order to reduce employee’s resistance to change proper education should have been provided to them regarding the implementation and the benefits from it. Their suggestions and feedback should have been taken. Proper Requirement Definition – ERP implementation was made as the major aim by Vicro. This was an improper requirement. The main aim should have been to improve the

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Environmental Consultancies And Its Attorneys Firms Essay

Environmental Consultancies And Its Attorneys Firms - Essay Example The Environmental Consultancies and its attorneys firm were formed in 1985 by Ali Al Sulaimani to achieve one goal, for people to live in a healthier, safer, and green environment. Ali Al-Sulaiman was born in 1962 to humble parents. His parents were farmers who lived peacefully in the rural areas of the county. A petrochemical company was built in the area where he lived and hence caused much toxic waste and pollution to the environment. The cause of not handling the toxic waste in a suitable manner, Ali's parents passed away with serious cancer. This incident affected Ali in many ways when he was young. He promised himself to do his level best to ensure that companies such as the one, which was built near their farm never to have a negative effect on the people. The picture below shows Ali Al Sulaimani tossing with President Obama. Environmental Consultancies and its Attorney’s faced many challenges during the past years from lawsuits against companies-due to dumping their to xic wastes materials, including carcinogens to sewage system-to a simple EPA restrictions case. Many industries approach our firm clueless about what EPA means, and how they are supposed to eliminate all their toxic wastes. Having most of our employees graduating from Harvard and Oxford with hazardous and waste management degrees, they are extremely well equipped with solutions and proposals for any industries. As mentioned previously, the roots of the firm were built for people to live in a greener and healthier environment.... For air, a limit is imposed on the exposure of certain air pollutants in all areas. EPA can also ban a certain air pollutant from emission like from chemical plants, mills, and utilities. By limiting the exposure of dangerous air pollutants, EPA helps keep the air clean and livable to all creatures and human beings. EPA takes responsibility for cleaning up land or underground waste that has a threat on the environment. Their well-trained health workers, who carry out frequent inspections and risk assessments, do this. Mostly land is cleaned in industrial areas where as wastes are dumped, and they pose threats to living beings in that vicinity. In order to keep the land free of dangerous chemicals, and provide a healthy diet, pesticides are registered, and tolerance of each pesticide is set for usage. To monitor toxic substances in the environment, EPA conducts tests and gathers relevant data for future analysis other than controlling its exposure. The EPA also regulates waste disposa l and recycling of it. Water is treated for safe and healthy usage and water waste management is also conducted to ensure it remains pollution free. EPA has also set regulations to manage waste or release of hazardous material by accident in emergency conditions. EPA deals with another category termed cross cutting issues. It covers several aspects ranging from environmental justice to climatic change. To make sure the above-mentioned regulations are followed, EPA follows a compliance process. The compliance department assists local bodies by providing tools and training to combat unexpected situations. They also impose penalties to businesses, which fail to comply with the environmental safety regulations. During their audit procedure, they also reduce or eliminate penalties on

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Reaction Paper on the book The Souls of Black Folk Essay

Reaction Paper on the book The Souls of Black Folk - Essay Example The book portrays a new direction of his thinking. He writes passionately about the spirit of African-Americans and how they have succeeded in maintaining their humanity and strength in spite of centuries of oppression of the worst kind. According to Du Bois the best, and perhaps the only way, African Americans could rise above their situation was to understand their circumstances and embrace intellectualism and. Some critics felt that he should have advocated a more aggressive kind of social change but I believe that it was the right approach. Du Bois shows how a veil has been put over African-Americans and how others are unable to see them as they are. Race prejudice is the lens through which they are viewed. It is this veil that has created "double consciousness", a situation where the blacks see themselves in two ways, one what they think about themselves and the other how others view them. Du Bois’ feels that this veil on human beings divides the identity of the blacks. He describes this situation thus:† this twoness—an American, a Negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings . . . in one dark body.† (Du Bois, 1903) This is wrong and must be condemned. He wants the reader to understand that the African-Americans have a cultural identity of their own and all Americans must acknowledge and respect this. Some scholars felt that his concept of double consciousness is a defining moment in the history of African-American thought. Here I have to say that Du Bois’ description of how an African American feels in America is excellent. The words â€Å"He simply wishes to make it possible for a man to be both a Negro and an American, without being cursed and spit upon by his fellows, without having the doors of Opportunity closed roughly in his face† are truly powerful. Du Bois through his essays wants us to realize that silent acceptance of racism

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Quitting Cigarettes Essay Example for Free

Quitting Cigarettes Essay Are you a smoker? Do you know anyone who smokes and struggles with quitting smoking? I am credible to explain the process of quitting the bad habit of smoking because I myself was a smoker for five years and quit â€Å"cold turkey.† The first thing you must acknowledge when deciding to quit smoking is to quit for your own good and not for your girlfriend or your parents. The second step would be to rethink the advantages and disadvantages of smoking. At last, the final step to quitting smoking is to stay strong and consistent to your decision. The basic step of quitting smoking is recognizing the fact that you want to quit. You should never force yourself to do something you don’t want to or not ready for. If the reason you you’re trying to quit is because your girlfriend is asking you too, then it will not last very long until she gets you ticked off and you’ll start smoking again. Same concept with anyone else such as your parents or even your friends, the moment someone gets on your bad side you’ll be doing the same thing you were. I know, because I have experienced trying to quit for the satisfaction of my ex-girlfriend and it didn’t work, the moment we broke up I began smoking again. So it is extremely important that you quit for your own self and not one else’s. The next important step is to think about the advantages of smoking. You get to relax for a few minutes, take a few drags, get a slight head change for a moment and take some stress off your mind. Now think of the disadvantages of smoking cigarettes. Your body health is endangered with chances of different kinds of cancers and diseases. Your immune system is lowered and you risk of getting sick more often. You spend a huge amount of money on packs of cigarettes a month, which you could use to pay some bills or get something nice to eat. The money you will later be spending in life on health bills, for doctor visits for your bad health conditions cigarettes put you through. You’re always easily tempered because of lack of nicotine in your body, causing stress on your mind and body. If you think about comparing the advantages and disadvantages of smoking it will be easier for you to quit. The final step of quitting smoking isn’t so easy if you have been smoking for a long period of time. Remember last time you tried quitting smoking what made you to start again? Was it the alcohol you consumed that made you crave a cigarette so much or did someone get you upset? The fact is you must learn to control your actions and to be able to say â€Å"no† to the things you know you shouldn’t do. If you stay consistent with telling yourself you don’t want or need the harmful cancer stick, eventually will get easier. The more days you stay strong to resist the craving, the easier it gets further into the future. Also replacing your bad habits with better ones is also a great way to stay away from the harmful ones. Quitting smoking seams like an easy process to those whom never have been hooked on smoking. When I was younger I didn’t understand what addiction of smoking was until I tried quitting many times. It took me many tries until I figured out the process to quit smoking. The first step is to quit for you and not for anyone else. The second step is to compare the advantages to the disadvantages of smoking and keep in mind that there are so many more disadvantages to  smoking then the advantages. The last step is to stay consistent with your good choice decision and stay away from the bad habit. Good luck to you!

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Pride of the Anthropocentric World vs. the Theocentric World

Pride of the Anthropocentric World vs. the Theocentric World Verna Drieas Throughout The Iliad and the Tanakh, pride becomes an apparent theme, which frames characters and their worldview of humanity as a whole. Within the Tanakh, the Jews look down upon pride or admiring oneself, because they associate all their gain   to God. Yet, pride for the Greeks was about more than just one thinking highly of themselves, it was about being respected and honored by men now and those to come. The reason for this being that the Greeks live in an anthropocentric world, whereas the Jews live in a theocentric world. Living in an anthropocentric world means that the human is the main focus, so the Greeks felt that their Gods held no glory which they had to humble themselves before. Leading the Greeks to act as Gods themselves, therefore taking the glory away from the Gods of Olympus. For the Jews, God is the central element of their lives, so they associate [1]their prosperity to the glory of God, who they believe allowed them to have such blessings. Consequently, the Jews push aside their pride to acknowledge that they are nothing without God and ensure that God remains with them. Coming from different worldviews, causes the Greeks to put their pride above all others because humanity to them is greater than any divine, whereas the Jews associate[2] pride with sin, because they believe that all their gifts come from God so it is wrong to take credit for such blessings.[3][4] When David returned from war with the Philistines, the people chanted his name and praised him for his bravery. Saul, hearing this, became angry and sought out to kill David as he saw that David was a favorite among the people and feared that he would go after his crown. Fortunately, Sauls son, Jonathan, told David of his fathers plan, so David escaped from Saul and fled from one place to another to hide from the wrath of Saul. As David was hiding in the cave of En-gedi, Saul came in to relieve himself, so David went and cut off a piece of his cloak. David then felt guilty for doing so to Saul, The Lord forbid I should do such a thing to my lord- the Lords anointed- that I should raise my hand against him; for he is the Lords anointed (I Samuel 24. 7). Rather than killing Saul, he spares him because he is the Messiah, he was chosen by God. David feels as if he can not bring harm to Saul because then he would upset the Lord. Even though Saul insults David and continuously threatens h is life, David puts his pride aside and does not kill Saul for the sake of God. In contrast when Achilles was asked to put aside his pride for the sake of his comrades he was not willing to do so, for Agamemnon stole his war prize, Briseis and claimed her as his own. This was an attack towards Achilles as Agamemnon not only took away his trophy but his timà ª,   also known as honor. This humiliated Achilles, as Agamemnon continued to insult him and discredit his war efforts, Achilles then questioned Should he draw the long sharp sword slung at his hip, thrust through the ranks and kill Agamemnon now? (The Iliad I. 224-225). If Athena had not come down from Olympus to calm the fury in the heart of Achilles, he would have killed Agamemnon. To Achilles, his pride was far greater than the life of Agamemnon, as he was willing to kill him regardless of his position. Although both David and Achilles were faced with an inner-conflict of whether or not they should kill their king, they deal with it in different ways. David puts aside his pride and stops himself from committing such a violent act, and even feels remorse for simply cutting off a piece of Sauls cloak, because he is Gods chosen one. He fears God and is not willing to put his pride ahead, because he comes from a world where mans focal point in life is pleasing God. On the other hand, Achilles wants to kill Agamemnon for dishonoring him, he doesnt try to stop himself, rather it is Athena who stops him. Achilles does not care about Agamemnon nor does he fear him, as he would rather Agamemnon be dead than his pride be aggrieved. Being that they come from different worlds, Achilles and David handle the situation differently. David fears God because his whole world focuses on God and pleasing the Lord. Whereas Achilles does not need to fear the Gods, since they hold no true holiness, and in his world, human beings hold the greatest significance, so Achilles cares more about what man will say about him and his honor, rather than what the Gods will say or do to him. So the different worldviews affect the way in which characters value their pride. After Nathan had come to talk to David about Gods wishes, of building him a temple and relayed the Lords covenant to David, David said to God, What am I, O Lord God, and what is my family, that you have brought me thus far?You are great indeed, O Lord God! There is none like you and there is no other God but you (II Samuel 7. 18, 22). David reflects on all that he has gained over the time and he realizes that he has prospered immensely. Yet, he does not boast, rather he takes the time to thank God for all that he has given him and even vows to build the Lord a place for public worship. He does not become prideful and blame all his success on himself, instead he acknowledges that he is nothing without the Lord who blessed him with such riches. When it comes to the Greeks, they however are not the same. As Patroclus goes to war, in the place of Achilles, he kills one man after the other, with Zeus watching over him. Until Hector faces him and stabs him in the guts and mocks him, but Patroclus answers right back saying, Even if twenty Hectors had charged against me-theyd all have died here, laid low by my spear. No deathly fate in league with Apollo killed me (The Iliad XVI. 991-993). Patroclus shows no thanks to the Gods, rather he takes pride in all his success thus far in the war. He says that he could have taken any man, as he was able to face Gods who could not kill him. Patroclus boasts in himself, because he sees himself as a man who is greater than even the Gods and could defeat even twenty Hectors. Though both characters are blessed with gifts and talents, David connects his success to   the glory of the Lord, whereas Patroclus claims that all his talents and his ability to kill so many men was his doing alone. Patroclus is able to do so because he comes from a world where humans are held at a higher value than other beings, even divine beings, however he does not acknowledge that his gifts are given by the Gods. Instead he takes the glory of the Gods for himself and indulges in his own success, and forgets the Gods when he is able to gain such defeat over the Trojan warriors. In contrast, David thanks God for all that he has acquired, he knows that he was given all these blessings through the Lord. Unlike Patroclus, when David is faced with great prosperity, he humbles himself and questions the Lord saying Who am I to receive all these gifts from you. He does not claim all his success for himself, as he sees that he could not have done any of that without Gods doing. Si nce David does come from a theocentric world, his whole life revolves around God, so he does not take pride in himself, but rather he takes pride in the Lord being great towards him. In conclusion, pride within the two texts is different in that the characters from the novels come from different worlds, so their pride reflects upon what their focus is. Being that the Greeks come from a world that focuses on man, they are not afraid to admire themselves as all they truly care about is their pride and honor because that is what is carried on through history, and what men will be talking about even when they are dead. However, the Jews fear the Lord far more than man, so they are willing to put their pride aside in order to please the Lord above all. When faced with similar situations the characters from The Iliad and the Tanakh, go about the situation differently, because their central focuses in life are different from one another.

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Intelligence: A Product of Social Construction Essay example -- essays

Intelligence: A Product of Social Construction   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Since the development of the intelligence quotient, schools in every part of the world have been using the IQ test to categorize millions of students into three groups. These three groups, which are the gifted, the average, and the retarded, are falsifications that perpetuate in our world culture and cause many gifted students to be deemed retarded and vice a versa. Why then is the IQ test so heavily relied on in our school systems? For schools the answer is simple, an I.Q. test is a reliable predictor of a students later performance in academics. This answer is relatively true, but where the I.Q. test falls extremely short is with testing the multiple intelligences of the human brain. The intelligence quotient test, developed by Alfred Binet, was created to evaluate ones intelligence with a test that would yield a numerical value that could be compared with a collective average to determine ones level of intelligence. However, the questions of an I.Q. test, or ev en the SAT’s for that matter, are testing only the verbal-mathematical forms of intelligence. The human brain is extremely complicated and advanced, and to assume that the indicators of intelligence are only found in logical and linguistic intelligences is a poor assumption at best. A more comprehensive test, which can test all seven types of intelligence, should be implemented into the educational system to ensure every student an education tailored to their strongest abilities.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In every elementary school in America third graders are forced to take a test that will greatly impact their academic careers. The G.A.T.E. program, which stands for gifted and talented education, is designed to separate the gifted children from the average and below average kids. However, the G.A.T.E. test is comprised of questions the children do not have the answers for. In other words, the kids are being tested on their innate knowledge of the world and their ability to creatively solve problems they have never encountered. Some might believe there is no flaw in testing a child’s natural intelligence. The test is given to each student and each student is given the same amount of time to complete a test of identical questions. But what educators fail to account for is the social bias of the test and the socio-eco... ...or each of the seven intelligences and students will be placed in the category of classes that he or she is best suited for. With this educational system career training can start a much younger age, students will develop in one direction rather than being spread thin over many useless topics, and the professionals of the future will be identified before they ever enter the work force. In the current world, I.Q. tests are the gates that limit ones ability to gain a fair and equal education. The tests given now will continue to reward those lucky enough to live in the upper-middle class and will continue to hold a lid on the potential of the millions of people suppressed into the ghettos of America. New testing and rewriting of tests should be the first step in making American public education fair to all Americans. Eventually the socially constructed idea of â€Å"intelligence† will change, but not fade, and it is up to the people of this generation to redefine what makes a person intelligent. Works Cited Jacobus A., Lee & Howard Gardner. â€Å"A World of Ideas.† A Rounded Version: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Bedford/St. Martin’s. 6th Ed. Boston, Ma. 2002. 373 – 391

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Marketing Syllabus Spring

The student will then have ten (10) days to respond in one of the following ways: Sign the form and request a meeting with the Academic Dean to discuss the allegations and or proposed sanctions; Sign and return the form to the Academic Dean accepting responsibility for the violation and agreeing to the recommended sanction(s); If the student fails to respond within thirty (30) days, a hold will be placed on the students account and the right to participate in the resolution of the allegation will be forfeited.Formal Resolutions: If the alleged violation could result in the suspension or dismissal from the university, or if the student or faculty member requests a formal resolution, the Academic Dean will notify the faculty member and the student(s) that a formal hearing of the Academic Dishonesty Committee will be convened. The committee will be comprised of seven (7) full time faculty members to be appointed by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs on an annual basis. The Academic Dean will serve as chair and will not have voting privileges. The Vice-President for Student Development will serve as an ex officio member of the committee.The Academic Dean will schedule a hearing in a timely manner and all parties will be notified often and location. If the accused student requests, the Academic Dean will assist the student in securing a member of the university community to advise and assist the student in preparing for the hearing. All parties will have the opportunity to present his/her evidence to the committee. The documents, testimony and record of the hearings will be confidential. Upon completion of the testimony, the Committee will meet in closed chambers and vote on the disposition of the student's status at the university.Penalties: Depending upon the intent and severity of the violation, a student found responsible for any act of academic dishonesty will be subject to one or more of the following penalties: The student is placed on academic honor pro bation until graduation. For any student on academic honor probation, a second violation will result in a minimum sanction of one semester of suspension from the university. In addition to academic honor probation, a student might also receive a grade of â€Å"F† on the assignment or test; students might also receive an â€Å"P' in the course; or be suspended or dismissed from the university.No provision will be made for the student to receive a â€Å"W† regardless of whether the professor or student initiate said request. If the student receives a grade of â€Å"F† for the course or is suspended or dismissed from the university, the transcript will indicate the grade with â€Å"HP† and/or the notation â€Å"Academic Honor Suspension (Dismissal). † All students found guilty of academic honor violations shall have a written letter detailing the violation and sanction placed in their permanent record. Copies of this letter will also be sent to the f aculty member of the course, appropriate College Dean, and to the Vice-President for StudentDevelopment. Appeals: A student may submit a written appeal of a guilty finding to the Vicissitude for Academic Affairs within ten days of receipt of the original decision. Appeals must be based on new evidence, additional information, or procedural errors or misconduct. The Vice-President's decision is final. 4) Exam Policy: The administration of a final examination prior to the date designated is considered a violation of University policy; therefore, no final exams for this course will be given other than on the specified day and time without the express approval of the Dean of the College of Business and Management.Such exceptions may be given for only the most extreme and sensitive cases. Other than such exceptions, no â€Å"make-up† examinations shall be administered. It is essential that each student plan accordingly, especially regarding post-term travel plans. 5) Accommodation Statement: â€Å"Lynn University makes reasonable accommodations for qualified students with documented disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (DAD) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If special accommodations are needed, please contact the DAD compliance Officer at 561-237-7069 or [email  protected] Du to assist in commenting and defining those needs.Accommodations are not retroactive therefore, for any accommodation the instructor must be presented with the form specifying the needs. The Academic DAD Specialist is located in the Green Center. 6) Incomplete Grade: A. For a student to be eligible to receive an incomplete for a course: 1) The student must provide to the dean of students documentation of the extenuating circumstance(s) that prevent him/her from satisfying the course requirements and learning outcomes of that particular course. 2) The student, at the time of applying for an incomplete, must have employed 2/3 of the term and have a passing gr ade.B. The application process: 1) The student will have the option of applying for an incomplete in one or more courses. 2) The student will obtain and complete the incomplete application form and bring it to the dean of students with appropriate documentation. The dean of students will verify that the student's application satisfies the eligibility criteria. If the application satisfies the eligibility criteria then the dean of students will return the approved form to the student who will then take the form to the professor of the course.The professor and student will draw out contract, which includes but is not limited to: all coursework to be completed and the deadline for this material to be submitted. After the student agrees to the terms of the contract and signs the form, the professor will take the contract to the dean of his/her college. The dean will then review the contract and sign the form upon approval. The â€Å"l† is now official and the contract is binding. The dean of the college will distribute copies of the contract to the professor, the student, the dean of students and the Registrar.Each recipient will place the copied contract in the appropriate file. The roofless will keep one copy and the original will be placed in the student's file in the college of his/her major. C. The form: 1) Will be available online. 2) Will contain current grade, what specific assignments are to be completed due date for all material (not to exceed One year beyond the original term final grade due date), and state that the final course grade will be a ‘W† if the student does not complete the requirements. 7) Withdrawals: Students are limited to eight undergraduate and three graduate course withdrawals. ) Assignments: Papers must be submitted ONLY through the Assignment link n Blackboard. For assistance with Blackboard, contact the IT Help Desk at 561-2377979. Late papers will not be accepted without penalty without the prior consent of the professor. Extensions may be granted on an individual basis and will only be granted for particularly sensitive cases. The granting of makeup papers shall be at the sole discretion of the professor and will not be given except for particularly sensitive cases that are discussed at length with the professor.In any group project, the student is expected to become an integral team member, with active input, interaction, and contributions. Once mea members have been selected, it is the responsibility of the team to agree upon the work assignment and allocation of team resources. A student who does not completely follow through with that student's commitments to the team will not receive a passing grade for the project. 9) Dress code: For all activities in the classroom that involve a guest presenter, as well as for field study visitations, the student shall be required to dress in business casual attire.If the instructor determines that the student's appearance is inappropriate for a sc heduled activity, the student will not be permitted to participate. 0) Questions and concerns: Students who have concerns or questions regarding academic matters relating to this course are urged to consult with the instructor. Students should be familiar with information found in the current Lynn University Academic Catalog. Required Texts Articles, Videos, and e-mails throughout the term as provided by the professor, including postings on this course's Blackboard companion site.Suggested Reading and Sources (1) Street & Smith's Sports Business Journal, subscription available at www. Superciliousness's. Com Course Requirements Each student will complete all assignments and is responsible for Discussion Board postings on Blackboard. Details about each of these projects are attached to this syllabus. You may complete any assignment in any order you please. Try to complete one project every two weeks, and to complete your Discussion board posts on a Weekly basis. All work is due by Fr iday Feb. 27 at 1 1 :pm properly posted in Blackboard.Grading Grading is based on the following system: Deal Maker USB LOC Discussion Board USB Advertising USB Launch Party Total 20 points 100 points Grades for each of the factors listed above will be posted progressively throughout the semester, and will be accessible to the student through the university online Blackboard system. Student final grades shall be rounded by tenths to the nearest whole number. A grade of exactly one-half point shall be rounded to the next highest whole number. Student grades shall not be rounded by hundredths to the nearest tenth.